‘I was at the right place, at the right time’.

A saying I never really understood until recently while working my weekend job as a sales assistant.

For forty-five minutes I was standing in our footwear department with the same customer, my hunger was growing but conversing with customers always made time pass by faster. This gentleman and I were discussing various things before the focus shifted over to education where he asked me about what I wanted to achieve in life.

The idea of pursuing a career in business has been an interest of mine for years, more recently, starting my own company.

Finally, luck was on my side as the gentleman had mentioned that he had started several successful businesses himself. He proceeded to give me his email address and offered me a work placement at The Hobbs Parker Group in order to develop my understanding and learn what is involved in starting a building a business.

A few emails later, I had found myself travelling to Ashford to meet Roger Lightfoot, now my mentor and business partner.

EnglishVineyards.co.uk is my first step into the real business world.

We hope that the combination of Roger’s passion for wine (especially English wine) and business experience and my thirst to acquire knowledge about the business world will help us build a successful new business.

EnglishVineyards.co.uk, is a company focused on bringing a truly luxurious feel to English ‘Fizz’.

We strive to bring all the English vineyards’ wines together and enable you to select which ones you would like in your handcrafted selection box. A perfect gift for any wine enthusiast, on any occasion, for all celebrations.

Thibau Grumett